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This podcast is for entertainment purposes only.  There are no experts here, just a bunch of retards drinking and smoking for your listening pleasure. 


Each week, Sheryl Scott hosts a variety of guests to discuss anything and everything.  No topic is off limits.  For this reason, guests remain anonymous.  It's time to push back against the woke, narcissistic, social-media obsessed culture of today.   


Due to the P.C. police, there is a realistic fear of being shunned by society for saying the wrong thing or making an insensitive joke.  But GET CANCELED is all about pushing the boundaries using humor.  The anonymity is the only way to ensure a truly unfiltered experience.  So if you don't know the name of the person who is talking, do not fret; it's intentional.  We are here to entertain, not endure a public shaming from every Tom, Dick, or Karen.  

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